Soccer, Soccer

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I went in to visit my last employer and I was invited to play in an outdoor soccer league this summer.  Hmmm…  Something to consider, I suppose.  I would think about it, chat with my wonderful partner, and check it out.

I went for the first practice of the season to see if I would have the skills to be on the team and consider whether I should join.  I left home, only thinking of myself.  It was a feeling I hadn’t had since I was single many years ago.  Back then, I was taking dance lessons, working full time and part time and taking College courses on the side.  Free time was rare and if anyone asked me to do something and I had the time free, I would say yes only because I didn’t know how to say no.

Here I was many years later, driving across town to soccer practice with two empty carseats in the back.  It was a familiar feeling of being alone, hurrying so I wouldn’t be late all while I was thinking only of my immediate needs, the opposite of how I have felt now since I have become a mom.  I often will hear mom’s say that you need to do things for yourself.  I guess, I never really understood what ”doing something for yourself” meant in my world.  I believe I may now know.

I drove up to the school yard where practice is held in my running shoes and stretchy pants only to realize that everyone has shin guards, shorts and cleats on.  This must be some serious soccer they play.  My previous soccer experience was yes, elementary school and one of my previous employers had a drop in Saturday night, pay $5.00 to play indoor and that is about all of my experience.  I headed on out of my car to the big field.  The gal who had invited me had also brought along cleets, shin guards and socks for me to use.  Hmmm, I looked like a soccer player, now could I play with them?

The league I am in is for 35+ so I just make the cut by my age.  Practice was great.  I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and sunshine, just for me.  Although I’m far from an expert player, I can chase the ball just like the others, kick it in the general direction that I want it to go.  It works for the team.  We had our first game where we won 3 to 1.  I did not score but I am going to give myself credit for one fantastic assist.  It was fun.  The team was surprised how well I played considering that I had not participated in organized soccer before so their praise was just what this mommy needed.

I’ve joined the team officially.  I now get my night out for practice and night out for game night, every week.  That break feels great.  My 5:30am early rising toddler does cause some lazy lids near the end of my day but the soccer gives me some much needed time to escape, think of me, spend time with adults, and women, get some fresh air, exercise and some rejuvenation!  It is going to be a good summer!

Moms!  Find something to do for yourself.  Get involved in something that interests you.  A rejuvenated mom makes for a happier mom.  I hope you’re blessed with someone who can care for your children for you for just a few hours for yourself each week!


2 thoughts on “Soccer, Soccer

  1. Well, I can’t play soccer…lol. I used to play softball in college, and played and coached coed teams for my church…but dealing with illness keeps me from it now. I spoil myself now with bubble baths and home facials…of course I have a 12 year old that joins me on the facials…lol. She is so girly-girly…lol. Writing is my outlet now…what I do to bring peace to my soul. Keep it up…your children will remember their cool mom who took on challenges.

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