Bye, Bye Nursing, I’ll miss you…

He did it.  He quit.  Turning one for my little guy was the point when he decided he was no longer interested in the nutrition I was able to provide but would seek other sources.  Nursing isn’t for everyone but for me, it was more than I could have imagined.  My one friend said it was the intimacy of nursing that was special.  I have to agree, it feels wonderful to hold your little one so close to you, nuzzled in while they nurse.  There is also that thrill of knowing that you’re providing antibodies to fight off a cold or the nutrition they need to help the brain develop or adding strength to the bones, you just never know.

I recall being so grateful that it was time to nurse for my second child because it forced me to sit down and spend some time with my baby rather than continue on chasing big brother or cleaning up messes.  I had to take that time, to focus on my new blessing.  If I had bottle fed him, I know it would have been so easy for me to prop up the bottle and keep on running.  It took a few days of anxiously anticipating nursing to be complete because I had a long list of things I wanted to complete before I realized that it was a blessing for me to enjoy this moment with the new little special member of our family.

Aside from the emotional side of breastfeeding, it was so nice to be able to run errands and not have to consider packing snacks to get by, I was always present so we could take a little time out in the car for a warm snack, no preparation required.  Breast milk is great for spreading over scratches, cuts and diaper rashes and helps them heal quicker.  I imagine it would be great for anti-aging.  Wouldn’t that be great!

It was shortly after my son’s first birthday when he began to show his disinterest in nursing.  In desperation and longing after a few days without him, I scooped him up and tried to nurse once again, I quickly pushed his head into position (I didn’t want to stop producing milk) and he thought it was the funniest thing, he giggled and giggled as he held his head there but would not appease me.  My longing was replaced with my appreciation of his priceless laugh.

It has been two months now.  When he falls and gets hurt or just wants to cuddle, I can feel my desire well up in my bosom to want to nurse him for comfort but it is no more.  Hugs and snuggles are all it takes for me to help him feel better, yes me too.  I guess it had to come sometime and he did stick with it until he was one so I shall be pleased with what I did have.

If you’re planning to nurse, or still nursing, I do hope you enjoy it.  It is something so special that only you can do with your little one and before you know it, it is over.  A memory, what seems was only a moment in time.

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