Late Again!

If I haven’t told you already, I have a deep admiration for my wonderful, wise husband.  He is analytical, just like me (poor us) so we are often able to debate, discuss and analyze any topic….  to death.

When I first met my husband, he came to me disciplined, driven, full of life experiences to share and oh so much more.  One thing I knew I could count on was that he would be…  On Time.  Can you believe it?  Isn’t it wonderful to know that there is someone who is predictable and dependable.  He does not like to be late, he would cancel rather than arrive late somewhere.  His strong desire to arrive on time has been an excellent influence on me.  I was always the one flying in at the last second, I was known to be the one applying my make up while driving, pressing snooze fifteen times (despite moving my alarm clock completely across the room) and leaving for my destination at the last minute with only perfect driving conditions considered. 

Now, I’m converted.  I cannot stand being late.  I would rather be way too early than to be one minute late.  If I do end up being late, I am embarrassed, I feel disorganized and inconsiderate and I ensure it doesn’t happen again!  Unfortunately, it has magnified my dissatisfaction of others being late!  Why is it so acceptable, so common place for people to be late?  A quick explanation (or not) and it is fine.  We actually begin to accept who in our life will be late, they don’t try to be on time, we just know that they’re going to be late, we’ll just find out ‘how’ late.  It amazes me how people will say they will arrive at a certain time but it ends up that is the time they will be leaving their home.  My husband often mentions that people watch too much Star Trek (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;-)) and they believe that they have a transporter that will get them to their destination at the same time they leave.  If they cannot commit to when they will arrive, they should just say, “Ï’ll leave my home at…” and then we will estimate an arrival time and allow for the flexibility of traffic in our calculation and our scepticism of our accuracy will ensure a few more minutes are added on.

Don’t you agree!?  Shouldn’t we all try to arrive at the time we committed to?  In the meantime, I’ll be extra patient in honour of ALL of the people who were so patient with me when I was late or arriving at the last minute in the past.

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“The things you don’t have control over, you don’t worry about. I have control over my attitude, my perception, how I do things, and you do the very best job you can. Other people have control over other things and you let them do their jobs.” ~Mike Sherman


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