A New Mommy Favourite

We all want to make sure our child has the opportunity that we feel we missed – Right!?  Neither daddy or myself can swim, we can both float but with limited abilities so to us, we want to ensure our children enjoy the water and are able to swim.  To help bring the comfort level in the water up, I have been taking my boys to the pool a couple of times a week for the last several months.

My recent frequent trips to the pool have inspired me to share a New Mommy Favourite Made in Canada by Bummis, the Baby Swim Diaper is adorable, comfortable, reusable….  what else can I ask for?

 I purchased my adorable swimmi for my first child from The Natural Baby Company a few years ago and once I received it, I realized it was Made In Canada.

They can also be purchased online at By Nature.ca, as well as Bummis.  If you can see plenty of swimming in your child’s future then be sure to order one!

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