Dyson Reliability

I have shared with you in the post My Mommy CleaningThrill the Dyson’s hold on me.  A few weeks ago, we were using the vacuum for an extensive cleaning project and the release  to allow the handle to go down didn’t seem to be holding so the front of the vacuum would just fall down if I lifted it up at all.  I got down and tried to figure out what was happening and I moved a switch and a screw fell out so the spring fell off.  It lined right up with the ball so I’d have to disassemble everything to attempt this repair!  How frustrating, my vacuum is just over a year old!’

I quickly researched the phone number for Dyson and gave them a warranty call.  They couriered a box to me that arrived the next day, with a shipping address on it for me to send my vacuum away.  I held onto the box for two weeks, I couldn’t imagine living my life with two little toddlers without a vacuum and I also didn’t have any packing tape.  The vacuum was still fully operable, it was just the way it was broken was causing me inconvenience.

Finally, I broke down and bought some packing tape, completed a thorough cleaning of our entire home, enough that I felt comfortable sending the vacuum cleaner in for repair.  I do have my little handheld Eureka if I’m desperate!

It was early on a Friday afternoon when I called the courier to pick up the package.  They arrived within an hour and a half to pick up my package.  Bye vacuum.  I await your return with bated breath!  My two year old was amazed and couldn’t believe that I put the vacuum in a box and a man came to pick it up.  I think I heard, “Where is it?” at regular intervals for the remainder of the day, continuing on into the weekend.

I couldn’t believe it when Tuesday afternoon I received a delivery.  My Dyson had returned!  Repaired, cleaned and ready to be used (and not a moment too soon).  I am so pleased with the quick, efficiency of this warranty that I felt the need to share it in my blog!  Hooray Dyson for providing excellent customer service!

Now….  I’ll get on to returning my days old computer with a hard drive problem already.


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