My Broken Garage Door, Seeking Customer Service

The following is a description of the service I received from various door companies while seeking to repair my garage door.

We have had a problem recently with our garage door closing unevenly.  Our door was fully functional, just had a gap on the bottom of the one side when it was closed (obviously).  We googled how to repair the door and came upon some excellent videos to help us out.  We didn’t have the correct tools for the job and due to the risk of something breaking, we decided we’d hire a professional in garage doorland.  Since, I`m home and have a more flexible schedule, I`ll make the arrangements for repair.

First Door Repair Company (Barcol Doors, FS):  I researched who is the representative for our door locally.  I called the company only to be placed on hold for ten minutes.  I had described my issue to the gentleman who had answered my call and his response almost suggested that I had called the wrong number.  Once I hit the ten minute mark of being on hold, I figured I’d call someone else.

Second Door Repair Company:  I called a local number, it appeared to be a residential address but he was listed on the Better Business Bureau so he would be great for me to give my business to.  When I called him, he advised he would be at my home at 9:00am the next day.  Wow, that would be great.  By 10:00, I figured I would continue on with my day as I had other commitments.  He finally called at 2:30 that afternoon to apologize, stating that he had been tied up and for me to call back to reschedule.  I don’t think there is an excuse for not calling until five and a half hours later so I thought I would try another company.

Third Door Repair Company (Door & Lock Surgeon):

Day 1:  I called somewhere around 8:30 in the morning and they advised me that they would be at my home somewhere between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon.  That sounds great – right!?  I noticed in the morning that they had called around 9:56 but didn’t leave a message so I figured it must be nothing.  I was home all afternoon so around 4:00pm, I decided I would call the company to find out why nobody came to my home.  She explained to me that the guy had called twice and we don’t have voicemail (we do) so he didn’t leave a message.  She also went on to explain that in his defence, he had fallen ill the prior day so he was calling to see if he could come to my home earlier in the day and when he didn’t get ahold of anyone he went home.  Due to this being the third company I was trying to get service from, I allowed her to book me in again for the next day between 1:00 and 3:00.

Day 2:  A new technician called twice, once at 12:48 and once at 1:05.  I was outside so I missed the calls, again he left no voicemail but I figured I should call back since customer service does not seem to be a priority, in fact they believe I should chase them.  It appears that despite having an appointment, they will not leave to come to your home until you`ve answered their phone call.

When I returned his call, he advised me that he was at the North end of the City and would be at my home in thirty five to fourty minutes.  He arrived fifty minutes later.  After expressing to me how long and far it was to drive, he went to have a look at my door.  He explained to me that the first problem is that my door is garbage, it is the cheapest one you can buy, etc.

He tried to figure out the problem as he swore under his breath, etc.  since I had already googled the problem, I knew that he was trying to find the problem on the wrong side of the door but whatever, he must know what he is doing.  He called another door expert he works with for assistance, he advised him what he would have to do.  After he was off the phone, he told me that he didn’t want me to be throwing good money after bad at a door that wasn’t going to last so if it would cost more than a new door to fix it, then he would suggest just replacing the door.  Makes sense right!

I don’t know a whole lot about doors.  I do understand business, profit and sales though and I know that I don’t know his particular industry so I just have to trust him.  I never like seeing prices off a price sheet because they are not site specific, they are a price that is big enough to cover all costs, including incidental costs in order to cover it all, the price is high but what option do I have?

What bothers me most is knowing that if my husband was there, it would have been a completely different experience, my technician would not have gone into significant detail about the quality of our garage door, he probably would have just tried to fix it.  My husband also has zero tolerance for swearing so he would have asked him to leave at the first muttered swear.

I didn’t enjoy the interaction but he told me he would have to return tomorrow to complete the repair.  Don’t use the door if you don’t have to and he’ll replace the proper parts tomorrow for $495.00 plus shop supplies and tax!  Wow, that is pricey but it needs to be fixed and he made it quite clear that he didn`t want me to throw good money after bad at this door so okay, go ahead.  He advised that one of the girls in the office will contact me in the morning to confirm when someone (probably not him) will be coming to repair the door.

Day 3:  I’m going to go swimming, oh wait, someone is coming to repair the door sometime, I’ll wait.  9:50 in the morning, I decide to give them a call in the morning as I think that someone should have contacted me by now.  I requested to speak with the service manager.  Apparently, I had reached her, she is also the lady who answers the phone.  I told her the issues I had, she excused her employees for all of the behaviour, including her sick employee and her employee who was from the east coast and they don’t use this type of door there so he wasn’t familiar with it but someone is scheduled to be at my home between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon.  Waiting even more time so I can give them $495 plus.  No thank you, I cancelled my appointment and would look to find some customer service elsewhere.

Fourth Door Repair Company (Overhead Doors):  First of all, a very pleasant voice on the phone.  Immediate assistance, a quote, full explanation of what they would need to do and for only $399.00 (including tax).  She advised me of the company that would be best to contact as they work with this type of door but I was so pleased with the price, friendly voice and a better option!  I called to share with my husband, we were pleased but decided we should call the other company she suggested just to see what it would be worth.

Fifth Door Repair Company (Creative Door):  Another knowledgeable, helpful, friendly voice on the other end of the phone followed by an even better price of $129.00 plus an additional 15% off for having CAA and they`ll be here next business day.

It always pays to call for three quotes.  This whole experience was a blessing!  I am a stay at home mom so I do have the time to call around and get the best price so I should!  The lesson today:  Don`t trust the `quote sheet`, don`t trust unreliability, shop around, get customer feedback and search for company reviews online!  😉

For the door repair companys, give good service, I may just be a small job to you but I may share it with someone or many someones looking for a garage door company and want to find out what kind of service you provide.


One thought on “My Broken Garage Door, Seeking Customer Service

  1. Again, being smart pays off.

    Anyone who tries to upsell you instead of quoting fair parts replacement costs is a crook.

    If the door is on a fairly new house, the contractor who built it can usually point you to an installer he might have used, or fix the door using his ‘door man’ employee.

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