Cream Peas On Toast

As a parent, we enjoy replicating fond memories of our childhood with our own children.  Earlier this week, I was able to share with my little boys a childhood favourite, cream peas on toast.

Now, I was a rural raised little girl so we spent many hours outdoors, cutting and bringing in firewood for the winter months as well as gardening.

I brought my two little ones (1 and 2) to my parents to help my mom and I pick peas and raspberries as they are both ripe and ready.  Big brother enjoyed eating all of the profits.  He would ask us to open up pods for him and he’d toddle around the garden eating peas, occasionally wandering over for a raspberry or two off the plant, hopefully, he was picking the red ones and not the green ones, you know, more flavor.

My 16 month old is not yet walking so he would crawl around amongst the plants in what became mud.  He would eat peas I’d open for him in addition to the pods his big brother would give him.  Eventually, he chose to eat the pod directly off the plant.

Once we picked all of the pods we could find, we went in for lunch, naptime and podding the peas.  As my mom and I sat there, we giggled at how much work it was taking for us to harvest the peas when we could just walk into the store and buy a bag for $1.99 but we conceded that the time spent together, the satisfaction of accomplishment, the memories and knowing exactly where our food came from was priceless.

I was pleased to return home with peas, peas, peas and raspberries too.  When we were children, we would finish the peas and mom would make us cream peas on toast.  It was such a treat to enjoy with the freshly picked peas from the garden.  She would make a cream sauce (Butter, flour and milk), add some cooked peas and spread over toast.

An extra special day spent with my mom, sharing some of my childhood with my children…. Priceless.


5 thoughts on “Cream Peas On Toast

  1. Such a wonderful event–like you said, priceless! My mom would make us the same dish, but with a sliced hard boiled egg or ham. Now I’m hungry. Love the idea of the little crawling around and then eating directly off the plant. so cute.

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