Friends To Treasure



Spring has sprung.  I glance out the window and realize the blazing sun means mommy and sons need to be outside and not cooped up in our home.  I’ve recently received a blessing in our home to help ensure I will be treasuring more time with my boys during the warm enough to be outside season.  Our computer is officially cooked.  Burnt actually.  A few weeks ago, I clicked on something and then there was nothing.  Dead.  I occasionally walk by and press the power button, in hopes that an electrical charge has zapped it back into operation but to my dismay it has failed to ignite.  We are computerless.  These are the days that I wish I was a computer genius just so I’d know if all of my unbacked up photos are gone for good or if I could replace something and be back in operation.  The truth is, I do believe it has been time for a new computer for a while but I haven’t made it a priority.  And now that I have no choice and didn’t budget for it, we will remain computerless until I make it a priority.

I’ve missed blog world, my new friendships, writing companions and encouraging pals.  I shall be back again another day. Continue reading


Mom Knows Best

I was blessed to enjoy a weekend visit from my mom recently.  I have a great mom.  My husband even insists that she doesn’t fall into the mother-in-law stereotype.  She simply loves and supports us and keeps the advice for when it is requested.  I consider myself to be like my mom in many ways so my husband will be blessed by her legacy. Continue reading

Memories….. Fade.

It is so amazing how quickly our memories fade. 

Recently I was able to enjoy my one year old son’s birthday.  He is at a wonderful stage.  He is curious, interactive, filled with sweet smiles and relatively predictable behaviour.  He is such a pleasure.  This birthday reminded me that we celebrated our older child’s first birthday only a year and a half ago.  I try to recall what he was like at that time, was he talking? Mischievous? or sweet as pie like his little brother?  I have kept a scribbler of memories that seem significant enough to write down but the truth is, I don’t recall.  I am glad for the few, short-clip videos I have taken, just for these occasions. Continue reading

It’s My Pleasure

In my younger days, I spent many years working part times for Delta Hotels, serving in banquets.  During my time there, employees were trained to answer all guest requests with, “My Pleasure.”  This response is wonderful.  It makes you feel ‘special’, like you’re not annoying, you’re someone who deserves to be assisted and a guest, not just a customer.

photo courtesy

We’ve all had an experience when dealing with a customer service representative that has given us the impression, you’re in the way, a nuisance or even stupid for asking.  In contrast we have had the opposite experience where we leave feeling great, wow, that was a great experience, I should go back again. Continue reading

Raising Children As Kites

One Year Old!  How time goes by so quickly.  I recall prior to be married how I only related to time moving by how far away from graduation it was.  Once I became married, I would often comment, “I can’t believe how quickly time has passed,” now that I’m a parent it is even quicker.  With children, you are able to witness the significant growth and changes that occur in such a short span of time, it reinforces to me what a brief period it will be that I have to mold and shape my boys into God loving, respectable, responsible young men.  It reminds me of the old Erma Bombeck quote: Continue reading

Crossing Paths

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I recently shared with you in Children at Play how my playdate went all wrong.  After sharing smiles with a sweet lady, it ended up that my two year old pushed her little girl down, she was crying and I was following behind her apologizing as she comforted her child.  I left the play place feeling embarrassed and hesitant to return.  I suppose my fear was that my child would do the same thing again.

Today I am so excited to share with you an update.  Continue reading

Life With a Toddler… A Rollercoaster for Mommy

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Waking up each morning, I hear the sweet sound, “Mommy,” coming from down the hall.  It truly is one of the sweetest sounds.  I run down the hall, knowing that when I open the door to my two year old’s room, he’ll be bouncing on his bed in excitement or he’ll have the sweetest “good morning” smile for me as he lays on his tummy at the end of his bed awaiting my arrival.

My soon to be one-year-old begins playing with the musical toy on his bed each morning.  I hear that music and I am filled with excitement knowing that when I go in to get him, if he’s still on his tummy, he’ll throw his head down on the mattress in excitement of my arrival.  If he is standing up, he’ll have a sweet smile for me.  When I lift him up, he’ll gasp, so pleased that I’m here to get him. 

There begins my high. Continue reading

Essence Make Up At Shoppers

I recently shared the secret to looking like you had enough time to get ready in the morning despite any issues that arise… Magical Lipstick.  I was so pleased and excited today when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart and spotted a new line they are carrying called Essence.  The ladies at the make up counter mentioned they are getting great reviews on the product, the eye shadow has strong colours (I can’t recall the make up terminology they used) and my friends, the price is right!  The make up ranges from $2.00 to $5.00 – check it out next time you’re there.  Perhaps this Saturday during their 20x the points event.

Children…. Always On Our Minds

To be honest with you, I don’t leave my boys very often.  Daddy and I were able to enjoy a couple extra dates more recently since my big sister was staying in our home but prior to that it was rare to be gone more than half an hour.

I had a lovely evening out with my niece this week while daddy cared for our little ones.  We were able to take in Chris Tomlin (wow, great time).  We enjoyed the entire experience together, my niece is wonderful, I adore her passion for God.  She makes me proud.   Continue reading