My Broken Garage Door, Seeking Customer Service

The following is a description of the service I received from various door companies while seeking to repair my garage door.

We have had a problem recently with our garage door closing unevenly.  Our door was fully functional, just had a gap on the bottom of the one side when it was closed (obviously).  We googled how to repair the door and came upon some excellent videos to help us out.  We didn’t have the correct tools for the job and due to the risk of something breaking, we decided we’d hire a professional in garage doorland.  Since, I`m home and have a more flexible schedule, I`ll make the arrangements for repair. Continue reading


Dyson Reliability

I have shared with you in the post My Mommy CleaningThrill the Dyson’s hold on me.  A few weeks ago, we were using the vacuum for an extensive cleaning project and the release  to allow the handle to go down didn’t seem to be holding so the front of the vacuum would just fall down if I lifted it up at all.  I got down and tried to figure out what was happening and I moved a switch and a screw fell out so the spring fell off.  It lined right up with the ball so I’d have to disassemble everything to attempt this repair!  How frustrating, my vacuum is just over a year old!’ Continue reading

Got It Done

Do you ever have one of those days when you’ve accomplished so much that you check to see what time it is because you’re sure it must be 4:00 by now, only to find out it is only 1:30?  I had one of those days today.  It was wonderful.

My big boy is now two and a half and has recently developed an early morning wake up habit.  Each morning I wake up to whispers of a two year old standing in the doorway or our room, somewhere between 5:00am and 6:00am.  His sweet morning smiles are truly irresistable.  We are trying to figure out what the best routine is for this new adjustment.  He has blackout blinds in his room but he can see the early morning light shine through the edges so why wouldn’t he get out of bed the first time he wakes up?  I have placed a chair outside his door for him to turn on his light and play in his room, prior to mommy getting up each morning. The chair has to wait outside his door or he’d never go to bed at night.  This morning he had moved a kitchen chair up to the counter and had taken a half a loaf of raisin bed for his breakfast.

The best part about getting up early is that it gives you more time to get things done.  Today, I mowed and watered the lawn, spent plenty of time weeding, picked up a new rain barrel, took the bottles to the bottle depot, washed the kitchen floor, washed mirrors, windows, filled the tires on both strollers, cleaned / vacuumed the car, vacuumed the house, dusted the living room, oh yes, caring for my two little boys.  I was most productive during nap time.  If only everyday felt this good.

The Dishwasher Monster

Thank God for dirty dishes,
they have a tale to tell;
while others may go hungry,
we’re eating very well.
~Author Unknown (

What is it about that dishwasher that makes us procrastinate about emptying it’s clean contents?  There is no other household appliance that comes with such hesitation;

Continue reading

My Mommy Cleaning Thrill

In the working world, my feelings of accomplishment would come when I knew I exceeded other’s expectations, went the extra mile or completed a project.  I find it funny sometimes what thrills me now that I am a stay-at-home mom.  My moments of success or accomplishment are often driven by my primary responsibilities in my home:  My family, my children, meals and cleanliness.  How life changes.

We moved just over a year ago from a home with hardwood and brand new carpet into a home where the previous owner had very hairy pets or it seems they should be hairless by the amount of hair they left behind.  In our new home, only the kitchen and washroom areas are void of Continue reading

My Favourite Cleaning Tool

Years ago when I bought my first home, a friend of mine gave me painting supplies to spruce up my starter home.  Included with the paint, was a painting sheet, rollers, tape, brushes, sanding blocks and what now has become one of my favourite cleaning tools….  Continue reading

Check Out These Clever Tips

I recently received this email and I was so excited about the ‘apple trick’ I wanted to share.  Check out The Daily Buzz for additional 23 clever ideas. 

25 clever ideas to make life easier

.Clever ideas: hull strawberries with a straw

hull strawberries easily using a straw

.Clever ideas: keep a cut apple from going brown.





Stop cut apples browning in your child’s lunch box by securing with a rubber band.

Check The Daily Buzz for more great tips to use at home.

Thank you Bev for sharing.

Cleaning Your Home

How do you ensure cleanliness and order in your home?  Do you do it all in one day, a little everyday or some other variation? 

My very well organized husband likes to keep his life in order with discipline and predictability.  Okay, he is oldest child and I am the ‘fly by the seat of my pants, youngest child’ so it is with great pride I share that I created a weekly cleaning schedule to follow to ensure I maintained specific and all areas in my home.  My first list was scribbled on a sticky note that I would pull out (of the junk drawer) each day to ensure I didn’t miss my daily commitment before the day was through! 

I do want to share I Heart Organizing blog where she shares MANY fantastic organizing ideas, she is amazingly creative.  My favourite organizing design she has is the “Household Binder” where I now keep my regular cleaning schedule, Continue reading

Shopping Deals

Today, as we know it is consumer purchase day today.  Do you do your part in stimulating the economy with your weekend purchases? 

I recall my days as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesgirl, yes, my first job.  I didn’t think anyone would hire me and door to door sales would!  I recall it was either selling vacuums or kitchen knives as my choices for employment.  We were encouraged to work extra hard to get into a home on Saturdays because consumers were more likely to give us Continue reading