Dyson Reliability

I have shared with you in the post My Mommy CleaningThrill the Dyson’s hold on me.  A few weeks ago, we were using the vacuum for an extensive cleaning project and the release  to allow the handle to go down didn’t seem to be holding so the front of the vacuum would just fall down if I lifted it up at all.  I got down and tried to figure out what was happening and I moved a switch and a screw fell out so the spring fell off.  It lined right up with the ball so I’d have to disassemble everything to attempt this repair!  How frustrating, my vacuum is just over a year old!’ Continue reading


The case of the missing

I write this article with a high I am savouring.  If you were watching me walk, there would be a spring in my step that could be seen from afar! 

One month ago today, I was able to share with my friends and family one of the most significant moments in my life, similar to my wedding.  I was baptized as a symbol of my commitment to follow Christ.  This was a very special day and it was a coincidence (or was it) that at the service, two good friends, roommates I lived with many years ago were there to witness this special moment.  After the conclusion of the service, many people returned to our home and we enjoyed visiting.  My good friends and I held a discussion Continue reading