Mommy Favourites

As we make out journey through parenthood, we come across those neat items we think every mom should enjoy. Do you have any mommy must haves you think should be shared?

Here is my list of must haves for every new mom:

Baby & Toddler

ABCs already – an earlier post recommends dvds I purchased to assist your child to spell.



Adjustable Waists – MANY brands offer baby and toddler pants with the button and elastic adjustable waists;  when buying jeans for a child 6 months & older this is the best option.  Many pairs of pants my son was never able to wear, by the time he was wide enough to fit the waist, he was too tall for the pants (even with a cloth diaper).

Babylegs are a must for our Canadian weather.  They are great to wear under jeans to minimize drafts, they help keep socks on feet without shoes, they can be warn to almost age 2.  The babylegs website has some great deals right now or watch for them at

Binklink is adorable, reliable and cute for any little one who uses a soother.  Tried, admired and both mommy and baby appreciated.  Bink Link Post





Kiddopotamus Placemat – You can roll it up and keep it in your diaper bag for eating out or at home for our kitchen table.  It has suction cups on the back and the handy trough like cup that minimizes the amount of food landing on the floor! A must have!


Kiddopotamus Swaddleme – I used a few types of swaddle blankets; this one my favourite.  The velcro was reliable, still very strong after MANY uses and the fabric was not too hot and was stretchy to help secure your little one.

Kiwi Pie Cloth Diapers – If you’re looking to use cloth, I was very please with these bamboo diapers.  They are available in Canada from Caterpillar Baby and The Cloth Diaper Shop.  Accompanied by the Wonder Wrap they are an excellent diaper that both my newborn and two year old used at the same time.

Leapfrog – has many excellent products to help your little ones learn from fridge toys and dvds to electronic books.  Check out their website but first join then shop at Leap Frog to receive a percentage of your purchase back in a cheque.

Leapfrog Pals – My two year old enjoys playing with his little brother’s new toy.  It hooks up to your computer and you program the pet as it suits you.  



Mustela baby wash set was given to me by a very generous friend.  It is pricy but smells fantastic!  I recommend this product.  It can be purchased at Toysrus, Shoppers and various places online.


Nursing Cover – worth every penny.  It is wrapped around your neck so you don’t have to worry about coverage while you’re looking after someone very important.


Old Navy carries these thin baby hats that maintain a nice fit on baby.  They don’t get too tight (just too small) and fit nicely.  They are thin so they can be warn indoors and anywhere to keep babies head warm.  I keep buying a bigger size as my child grows, of their available hats (they didn’t have ears before).


Sandra Boynton Books – A must have for every little one.  Silly, fun books to keep every little one entertained….  To read over and over and over and over and over and over again.


 The Snack Trap is super for carrying snacks in, allows room for their tiny fingers to squeeze through.  Saved me from MANY spills.


The Wean Machine – Put your soft food in the container, squish it (similar to a garlic press) and use it as a small bowl for feeding and the spoon is included!  I highly recommend this handy food press for every new mom!  Put it on your baby shower request list!


Wonder Wraps – A super diaper cover – fits from newborn to two (still wearing).  The velcro and snaps are both reliable.  I purchased mine from The Natural Baby Company (U.S. Company) but there may be a Canadian equivalent to this product.


8 thoughts on “Mommy Favourites

  1. I loved the Snack Trap cup, it’s a super idea. Never saw it before. And it came right on time as my little one likes to carry her snack around the house and also loves watching them falling on the floor. Thanks for the idea.

  2. My babies are 32 and soon to be 35 years old, but I just figured something out the other day, something I should have done when my oldest was a newborn and after rocking her to sleep, I would go to put her bed and she would wake up, cry, …. oh Lord, please give me some sleep! …. but the other day I thought, “why on earth didn’t I put an electric heating pad or a hot water bottle in her bed, so it would have been as warm as me when I laid her down?” Oh gosh, 35 years too late!!! Oh well, I do get plenty of sleep now! Ha! The other thing I’d like to mention is that I also write a blog for The blog is But what I wanted to share about is jrliggetts shampoo bar, but not just for hair, for the body too. No sodium lauryl sulfates, only plant-based vegetable oils like jojoba, rosemary, etc. No harsh detergents sothese are perfect for babies all the way up to oldsters. I love the products.

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