I am pleased to provide links to my favourite coupon sites:

Hint – Never buy toilet paper, diapers, dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent for full price.  Obtain the coupons you need, then keep an eye on the flyers for the product to go on sale!

Websites that will mail coupons to you:

Websites that you can print coupons from:

$3.00 off Woolite

Tearpad Coupons

Keep an eye out for tearpads in your local grocery and drug store; these coupons will often be reflenished on Mondays.  Unless you know your prices well, keep the coupon with you and take a few extra if it a product you will purchase a few times prior to the expiry date and watch for the product to go on sale through your local flyers.  I have found that using the coupon at the store you found is often not the best bang for your buck.  Stores not displaying the coupon will often have a more favourable price.  Otherwise, if you know your prices, know the tear pad coupon will give you a fantastic price, tear it and use it!


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