Birth Stories

We each have a unique birth story for the arrival of our little one.  I would love to share and have you share your story.

Each one is unique, each one is precious, each one is a beautiful gift:

Child No. 1

I was forty-one weeks pregnant and I was scheduled for my induction early in the morning.  First thing (06:00), I receive the call from the hospital advising me that they are ready for me to come in.

My husband and I quickly get ready, pillow in hand and make the journey to the hospital.  I receive my first induction around 10:00 (gel).  I have never had a baby before so I am anticipating something, not sure what but I know I am going to begin to feel contractions.  The nurses keep inquiring to me if anything is happening and I say, “I don’t know, I don’t think so.”  We continue waiting around.  We continued to wait throughout the afternoon, enjoying each other’s company for what will be the last hours of our time when only we matter to each other.

16:30 arrives and it is now time for a second round of gel.  I am asked again and again if anything is happening and I am now beginning to have the feeling that I need to ‘poo’.  The nurse advises, “Then Poo.”  I am feeling anxious, like I cannot sit still but like I need to poo regularly.  As far as I know, no contractions. 

10:00pm arrives and we decide that my husband (oh yes, and my mom; she met us there) should go home and we will try a new round of induction first thing in the morning (the oxytocin drip).

Once they leave, I lay down on the bed to try to relax and watch the tv rental that my husband purchased prior to his departure.  I cannot focus, I’m feeling uncomfortable but would I say it was contractions?  No!  I go for a few walks around the LDRP unit return to try to relax again.  Now, I should mention that the nurse came on shift around 19:00 so she was probably advised of my situation I’m probably considered a ‘dead bed’ for the night, a sleep over so don’t worry about her. 

In my discomfort I said to the nurse, “What can I do, I’m uncomfortable?”  At this point I still cannot say I am having contractions, “just have to poo” so she says, “Some people like to go in the shower.”  The shower was the most wonderful feeling.  I had the longest shower I’ve ever had and at one point I thought to myself, I am REALLY uncomfortable and I know my treasured husband would NOT want me to be going through this alone so I asked the nurse to give him a call to return.

He returns to find me in the shower.  He was curious why I would be in there for so long, I don’t often shower that long.  He opens the door to find my laying back in the sitz bath with a strained feeling in my face.  Yes, it was labour!

Shortly then after I gave birth to my wonderful little boy at 02:30 the next morning. 

I have later found out when delivering baby no. 2 when the contraction monitor was at it’s max and I said it felt like baby was kicking that I have ‘silent contractions’ so I do feel transition labour but the braxton and regular contractions feel like my little one is kicking me! 

Child No. 2

Started off similar to child no. 1.  I was forty-one weeks pregnant and scheduled for an induction.  I called the morning of the scheduled date and they said they did not have any beds available and to call back at 10:00 and then 1:00 and eventually, when I called at 3:00 I was invited to come in to begin my induction.

I was so excited to go in and meet my new little one but so sad to leave my ‘baby’ at home with my mom.  We hurried in, pillow in hand to get our bed for delivery.  If you’ve ever had more than one child, you do know that they often will base their decisions for delivery based on the previous birth/births so they figured it would be a quick delivery.  They made sure they had extra of my blood type in case it was required and we set in for our ride.

This time it was the same but slightly different.  The delivery team treated me like I knew what I was doing where the first time they knew I didn’t know so they coached me.  The second time it felt like I was a little more on my own with when to push etc but I felt like I was supposed to know.  Because my body doesn’t necessarily give me the same hints as another, I felt confused at moments and would just push as hard as I could to get my little guy out.  I ended up pushing a total of three times as hard as I could which wasn’t the best for baby as he was then born too quick resulting in issues with liquid in his lungs and a bruised face.

Needless to say, to me he was perfect.  12:27am, into our our lives arrived a little brother, sweet son and a gift from God.  Thank you!

You’re welcome to share your story too!  I would love to have you share.


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