Engagement Stories

Did you cause your engagement to lose it’s ‘wow’?  I did.  Here I will share my engagement story…

My ‘boyfriend’ (wow, haven’t said that in a while) and I would meet several times a week for lunch; he worked a short fifteen minute drive away so it was a quick date we would enjoy almost daily.  One day my sweetie mentioned on a Tuesday that he wanted to go out for lunch on Friday.  This conversation was unusual since our plans would usually include a quick call around 10:00 am or so to find out if we would have time to go for lunch.  Immediately I was suspicious of what we would be doing on Friday that was so important that we needed to plan so far in advance!  My poor man had managed to wiggle out of it somehow by stating he had plans, reservations or something.

Friday lunchtime arrived and my ride to somewhere awaits.  I get in the car and start after him again, “Where are we going?  What are we doing?”  He cannot keep it from me anymore.  “Someone we know is selling a home in our favourite neighbourhood, they are waiting to meet us so we might sign the papers today.”  I couldn’t believe it, we didn’t live together, this was such an important decision about a house, and together all to be decided within the next 45 minutes left of our lunch date!  Okay, that was enough to keep me quiet and my mind racing…  We proceeded to drive and we passed the turn off to my favourite neighbourhood so he covers that with, “Oh, we can get there from the next exit.”  The other side of the river?  Okay.  We’re approaching the next exit and he’s going to miss it too so I’m yelling, “You’re going to miss the turn off, you’re going to miss it!”  He slowly pulls over  next to the exit ramp and makes a swift movement with his chin.  There on the overpass was a huge, beautiful banner that said, “I love you, will you marry me?” it changed and enriched my life forever.  It would have been perfect if I had kept all my words to myself and just trusted we were going to a nice lunch dinner together.   Aaaah.


2 thoughts on “Engagement Stories

  1. That is such a great ‘love’ story! There is nothing better than a story that makes you smile and be happy when you read it. Thanks Lady!

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