A New Mommy Favourite

We all want to make sure our child has the opportunity that we feel we missed – Right!?  Neither daddy or myself can swim, we can both float but with limited abilities so to us, we want to ensure our children enjoy the water and are able to swim.  To help bring the comfort level in the water up, I have been taking my boys to the pool a couple of times a week for the last several months.

My recent frequent trips to the pool have inspired me to share a New Mommy FavouriteContinue reading


Memories….. Fade.

It is so amazing how quickly our memories fade. 

Recently I was able to enjoy my one year old son’s birthday.  He is at a wonderful stage.  He is curious, interactive, filled with sweet smiles and relatively predictable behaviour.  He is such a pleasure.  This birthday reminded me that we celebrated our older child’s first birthday only a year and a half ago.  I try to recall what he was like at that time, was he talking? Mischievous? or sweet as pie like his little brother?  I have kept a scribbler of memories that seem significant enough to write down but the truth is, I don’t recall.  I am glad for the few, short-clip videos I have taken, just for these occasions. Continue reading

It’s My Pleasure

In my younger days, I spent many years working part times for Delta Hotels, serving in banquets.  During my time there, employees were trained to answer all guest requests with, “My Pleasure.”  This response is wonderful.  It makes you feel ‘special’, like you’re not annoying, you’re someone who deserves to be assisted and a guest, not just a customer.

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We’ve all had an experience when dealing with a customer service representative that has given us the impression, you’re in the way, a nuisance or even stupid for asking.  In contrast we have had the opposite experience where we leave feeling great, wow, that was a great experience, I should go back again. Continue reading

Raising Children As Kites

One Year Old!  How time goes by so quickly.  I recall prior to be married how I only related to time moving by how far away from graduation it was.  Once I became married, I would often comment, “I can’t believe how quickly time has passed,” now that I’m a parent it is even quicker.  With children, you are able to witness the significant growth and changes that occur in such a short span of time, it reinforces to me what a brief period it will be that I have to mold and shape my boys into God loving, respectable, responsible young men.  It reminds me of the old Erma Bombeck quote: Continue reading

Life With a Toddler… A Rollercoaster for Mommy

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Waking up each morning, I hear the sweet sound, “Mommy,” coming from down the hall.  It truly is one of the sweetest sounds.  I run down the hall, knowing that when I open the door to my two year old’s room, he’ll be bouncing on his bed in excitement or he’ll have the sweetest “good morning” smile for me as he lays on his tummy at the end of his bed awaiting my arrival.

My soon to be one-year-old begins playing with the musical toy on his bed each morning.  I hear that music and I am filled with excitement knowing that when I go in to get him, if he’s still on his tummy, he’ll throw his head down on the mattress in excitement of my arrival.  If he is standing up, he’ll have a sweet smile for me.  When I lift him up, he’ll gasp, so pleased that I’m here to get him. 

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Another Sleepy Post

But wait!  We’ve actually been getting sleep these days.  I went in for a haircut a week ago on Tuesday morning, my stylist’s quiet time; she allows me to have my boys in the play yard next to us while she does my hair.  We were discussing sleeping and I was telling her how my ten month old was still waking up a minimum two times a night.  Thinking back, my report of how many times a night was incorrect because he typically would wake up one time before I went to bed making his total awakenings to actually a minimum of three times.

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Sleeping With Baby

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When our first son was born, I put him into his own room after one month.  He made plenty of noise in his sleep so I felt this would be a good opportunity to have him sleep on his own sooner.  He would consistently wake up once a night and we would all return to our beds.  At eight months old I noticed I had began to bring my boy to bed with us at night.  I thought to myself, how did this happen?  I realized I had began to bring him to bed when he had his middle of the night wake up so he learned to wake up sooner and sooner in the night until eventually, I enjoyed sleeping with him so much that he started the night in our bed. Continue reading

My Home Is My Stage

I enjoy dancing, I will dance to any type of music, anytime, anywhere.  I didn’t take dance lessons as a child;  perhaps polka lessons from my dad at family dances (Thank you Dad) and a line dance or two from my older sister.

When I became an adult, Continue reading

A New Mommy Favourite

Shall I give my baby a soother or not?  Should a binky be an option?  I wasn’t overly convinced I wanted a soother to be part of my child’s life so I didn’t really encourage my first child to take one.  When I did try to offer him one, he wasn’t interested.  Mostly because I only ever offered it to him once in a while, only out of desperation so he never did take one.

Child no. 2 arrived and I knew we were planning to go on a trip (via airplane) prior to big brother turning two.  Continue reading

A New Mommy Favourite

Shoppers Drug Mart had some clearance toys on after Christmas and I picked up a new pet for my nine month old for only $12.49.  I had seen them around for $24.99 both online and in stores so I was confident that this was an excellent price.

The ‘teddy dog’ as my son calls it is made by Continue reading