I hear it all day long.  The answer to every question!  No means no, no means yes, and no means maybe but the answer is “No”.  “No” describes my life with a two year old.

Would you like to eat?  “No”.

Let’s go potty.  “No”.

It is time for bed.  “No”.

Which shirt would you like to wear?  “No”.

Would you like to say hi to Grandma?  “No”.

Would you like to go visit Nanny?  “No”.

I have developed a habit of asking my son questions and giving him options continuously so he feels like he has control over his little life.  I’ve read it often in parenting toddler books, articles, etc so it has become a habit I’ve made.  Now that the answer to every question has turned into ‘no’, my desire to ask questions has turned into a desire to advise what our next move will be.  Alas, my habit continues so the expected response will be “No” and despite public opinion, I know I’m still in charge.

I am aware that despite his “No” with conviction, there is a strong possibility that it may in fact mean, “Okay, Mommy.”


Friends To Treasure

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Spring has sprung.  I glance out the window and realize the blazing sun means mommy and sons need to be outside and not cooped up in our home.  I’ve recently received a blessing in our home to help ensure I will be treasuring more time with my boys during the warm enough to be outside season.  Our computer is officially cooked.  Burnt actually.  A few weeks ago, I clicked on something and then there was nothing.  Dead.  I occasionally walk by and press the power button, in hopes that an electrical charge has zapped it back into operation but to my dismay it has failed to ignite.  We are computerless.  These are the days that I wish I was a computer genius just so I’d know if all of my unbacked up photos are gone for good or if I could replace something and be back in operation.  The truth is, I do believe it has been time for a new computer for a while but I haven’t made it a priority.  And now that I have no choice and didn’t budget for it, we will remain computerless until I make it a priority.

I’ve missed blog world, my new friendships, writing companions and encouraging pals.  I shall be back again another day. Continue reading

Daylight Savings Time

Photo Courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

Oh Saskatchewan, how wonderful it must be for the parents of your little children whose life doesn’t have to be adjusted by that demanding clock we live by.  Since 1966, Saskatchewan brought in the Time Act where they keep their clocks fixed on Central Standard Time year round so while the provinces around them change their clocks, they stay where they are at.  Saskatchewan shares the same time as Alberta from spring until fall and the same time as Manitoba from fall until spring. 

I am relatively new to the daylight savings world in regards to small children because it has only began to matter as my guy has grown older and by the arrival of little boy whose sometimes conflicting schedules need to adjust.  Our relatively predictable routine is not as smooth as it was only a few days ago.  We are changing wake up times, nap times, meal times and bedtimes by an hour; it is not only confusing, but a big adjustment for our little guys, and mommy too.

Wouldn’t it be great to join in with Saskatchewan and keep clocks fixed where they are!?

It isn’t an option, so the good news is that it will only be a few more days to recover and we’ll all be on the same page again.