Cream Peas On Toast

As a parent, we enjoy replicating fond memories of our childhood with our own children.  Earlier this week, I was able to share with my little boys a childhood favourite, cream peas on toast.

Now, I was a rural raised little girl so we spent many hours outdoors, cutting and bringing in firewood for the winter months as well as gardening. Continue reading


Bye, Bye Nursing, I’ll miss you…

He did it.  He quit.  Turning one for my little guy was the point when he decided he was no longer interested in the nutrition I was able to provide but would seek other sources.  Nursing isn’t for everyone but for me, it was more than I could have imagined.  My one friend said it was the intimacy of nursing that was special.  I have to agree, it feels wonderful to hold your little one so close to you, nuzzled in while they nurse.  There is also that thrill of knowing that you’re providing antibodies to fight off a cold or the nutrition they need to help the brain develop or adding strength to the bones, you just never know. Continue reading

Winter Gardening Reminder

I was so excited to share with you about the Niki Jabbour Winter Vegetable Gardening Book being released on January 14.  I was so excited about this book, I wanted to send out a reminder today that it is out online.

If you missed it, below was my blog post from January 6, 2012: Continue reading

A Quick, Filling Breakfast – Updated**

I am always looking for filling, nutritious meals and snacks for my children.  I can confirm with you today that secretly, I have a fear of not giving my children all of the vitamins and nutrients that they require to grow and develop properly.  I fear one day my children will have something wrong with them and we’ll be able to relate it all back to being short on a nutrient I should have provided to them as a child.  To justify this issue would be impossible for my justifying brain to process because it would have been avoidable. Continue reading

Safeway Printable Coupons

“Like” Canada Safeway on Facbook and every Friday check in for their printable coupon.  Click ‘deals’ on the left side which will take you to the coupon for the week. 

This week, the coupon is $3.99 for three dozen eggs.  It may be worth checking out! has a $1.00 off of two cartons of egg coupon available courtesy The Egg Farmers of Canada.  It is mailed to you so you won’t be able to combine the offers but we all want to save on natural, healthy foods!

Eggs are both affordable on a limited grocery budget and are very good for you.  Check out where they share all of the nutritional value in an egg.