My Guilty (Secretive) TV Pleasure

I have recently been spending time with a new friend, a fellow mom.  We are just getting to know each other so we are slowly learning what we’re all about.  I asked her the other day if there are any shows she watches on TV that she doesn’t mention because they may embarrass her.  She looked at me with a sideways, confused look.  I giggled as I realized what my question sounded like.  The truth is, I just wanted to know if she too watched the Bachelorette.

Yes, my guilty, secretive pleasure is reality television and more specifically, these days, The Bachelorette.  Emily has been, in my opinion, the best bachelorette ever.  Yes, our proudly Canadian Jillian was brilliant during her season.  She has been one of the few Canadians featured in the Bachelor/Bachelorette that makes us proud.

Emily has seemed so accurate in her character judgement, sweet, asking the questions that matter and besides Sean (the next Bachelor), I could always understand why she sent everyone home.  Today, I enjoyed reading up on the remaining two Jef and Arie.  Have you gone to to check out Jef Holm’s company?  It is brilliant and inspiring to see what they are doing to provide water for communities without water. Continue reading


Dyson Reliability

I have shared with you in the post My Mommy CleaningThrill the Dyson’s hold on me.  A few weeks ago, we were using the vacuum for an extensive cleaning project and the release  to allow the handle to go down didn’t seem to be holding so the front of the vacuum would just fall down if I lifted it up at all.  I got down and tried to figure out what was happening and I moved a switch and a screw fell out so the spring fell off.  It lined right up with the ball so I’d have to disassemble everything to attempt this repair!  How frustrating, my vacuum is just over a year old!’ Continue reading

A New Mommy Favourite

We all want to make sure our child has the opportunity that we feel we missed – Right!?  Neither daddy or myself can swim, we can both float but with limited abilities so to us, we want to ensure our children enjoy the water and are able to swim.  To help bring the comfort level in the water up, I have been taking my boys to the pool a couple of times a week for the last several months.

My recent frequent trips to the pool have inspired me to share a New Mommy FavouriteContinue reading

Tribute to Google

You Serve Me Well

  • You can find me the right answer to make me right and the wrong answer to make me right.
  • You can find the diagnosis I want for the symptoms I have.
  • You can find me an alternate diagnosis that makes me feel better about the symptoms I have.
  • You provide me with the definition for the word I’ve been hearing frequently. Continue reading

A New Mommy Favourite

When child no. 1 arrived I was so concerned that I would buy too many things that would be used for a short time and I may never us them again, especially things that are gender specific. When it came to a nursing cover, I couldn’t justify the price of the cover when I knew I could just use one of the blankets that I had so many of. Continue reading

A New Mommy Favourite

Shall I give my baby a soother or not?  Should a binky be an option?  I wasn’t overly convinced I wanted a soother to be part of my child’s life so I didn’t really encourage my first child to take one.  When I did try to offer him one, he wasn’t interested.  Mostly because I only ever offered it to him once in a while, only out of desperation so he never did take one.

Child no. 2 arrived and I knew we were planning to go on a trip (via airplane) prior to big brother turning two.  Continue reading

A New Mommy Favourite

Shoppers Drug Mart had some clearance toys on after Christmas and I picked up a new pet for my nine month old for only $12.49.  I had seen them around for $24.99 both online and in stores so I was confident that this was an excellent price.

The ‘teddy dog’ as my son calls it is made by Continue reading

The TV Show Revenge

If you’re not already hooked, I must recommend the tv show Revenge.  It is almost like watching a drama filled movie with suspense and that feeling of validation when the hero (Canada’s own Emily VanCamp) dedicates her life to avenging those who had a role in the downfall of her father.  

Each Wednesday evening, we make a quick check to ensure the PVR is set to record and once the little ones are asleep we have our time to enjoy!  I believe the acting is exceptional and the storyline is too.  Excellent series to get ‘caught up in’ although I am not sure how long it is intended to last.

This show airs on CityTV so check your local listings and if you’d like to catch up on old episodes, you can watch them online on citytv’s website.