My Broken Garage Door, Seeking Customer Service

The following is a description of the service I received from various door companies while seeking to repair my garage door.

We have had a problem recently with our garage door closing unevenly.  Our door was fully functional, just had a gap on the bottom of the one side when it was closed (obviously).  We googled how to repair the door and came upon some excellent videos to help us out.  We didn’t have the correct tools for the job and due to the risk of something breaking, we decided we’d hire a professional in garage doorland.  Since, I`m home and have a more flexible schedule, I`ll make the arrangements for repair. Continue reading


It’s My Pleasure

In my younger days, I spent many years working part times for Delta Hotels, serving in banquets.  During my time there, employees were trained to answer all guest requests with, “My Pleasure.”  This response is wonderful.  It makes you feel ‘special’, like you’re not annoying, you’re someone who deserves to be assisted and a guest, not just a customer.

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We’ve all had an experience when dealing with a customer service representative that has given us the impression, you’re in the way, a nuisance or even stupid for asking.  In contrast we have had the opposite experience where we leave feeling great, wow, that was a great experience, I should go back again. Continue reading