Cream Peas On Toast

As a parent, we enjoy replicating fond memories of our childhood with our own children.  Earlier this week, I was able to share with my little boys a childhood favourite, cream peas on toast.

Now, I was a rural raised little girl so we spent many hours outdoors, cutting and bringing in firewood for the winter months as well as gardening. Continue reading


Got It Done

Do you ever have one of those days when you’ve accomplished so much that you check to see what time it is because you’re sure it must be 4:00 by now, only to find out it is only 1:30?  I had one of those days today.  It was wonderful.

My big boy is now two and a half and has recently developed an early morning wake up habit.  Each morning I wake up to whispers of a two year old standing in the doorway or our room, somewhere between 5:00am and 6:00am.  His sweet morning smiles are truly irresistable.  We are trying to figure out what the best routine is for this new adjustment.  He has blackout blinds in his room but he can see the early morning light shine through the edges so why wouldn’t he get out of bed the first time he wakes up?  I have placed a chair outside his door for him to turn on his light and play in his room, prior to mommy getting up each morning. The chair has to wait outside his door or he’d never go to bed at night.  This morning he had moved a kitchen chair up to the counter and had taken a half a loaf of raisin bed for his breakfast.

The best part about getting up early is that it gives you more time to get things done.  Today, I mowed and watered the lawn, spent plenty of time weeding, picked up a new rain barrel, took the bottles to the bottle depot, washed the kitchen floor, washed mirrors, windows, filled the tires on both strollers, cleaned / vacuumed the car, vacuumed the house, dusted the living room, oh yes, caring for my two little boys.  I was most productive during nap time.  If only everyday felt this good.

Mealtimes With My Two Year Old

I expressed recently in Life With a Toddler…  Is A Rollercoaster how my two year old toddler mealtimes were chaotic.  At the time I wrote this post, I was at the highest point of tension with meals.  We experienced various forms of expression during grace, he’d rather discuss all of the other things he would rather be eating than what I’ve prepared.  Flying food was almost inevitable.  A short few days later, I changed my attitude.  I stopped fighting.

I have new mealtime habits: Continue reading

Sleeping With Baby

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When our first son was born, I put him into his own room after one month.  He made plenty of noise in his sleep so I felt this would be a good opportunity to have him sleep on his own sooner.  He would consistently wake up once a night and we would all return to our beds.  At eight months old I noticed I had began to bring my boy to bed with us at night.  I thought to myself, how did this happen?  I realized I had began to bring him to bed when he had his middle of the night wake up so he learned to wake up sooner and sooner in the night until eventually, I enjoyed sleeping with him so much that he started the night in our bed. Continue reading

Abby’s Daddy

A toddler’s conversation is based on things they know, their limited experiences in life.  This is to the advantage of mommy or a caregiver as it allows you a small frame of reference to decipher their scrambled sentences and limited vocabulary.  I’m the only one in my son’s life who knows almost everything he is saying, or at the very least what he is trying to say because I’m aware of all of his experiences and what ‘stimulates’ his mind. Continue reading

An Immune System Gift?

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Living with a toddler is often referred to a mirror of your own life.  For anyone who is not yet a parent, it is true.  You will hear words you use, tones you use and so much more coming out of your toddler….  A reminder to watch your “P’s & Q’s” and any other behaviours or habits you wouldn’t want to share.

Time to make a confession, Continue reading

Pull Ups Potty Training DVD

I was excited to receive my free Pull Ups Potty Training DVD in the mail last week.  I watched it immediately as I would truly appreciate having one out of diapers and I would like to get it done!  The dvd was entertaining to watch, encouraging and helpful and of course Continue reading

Sandra Boynton Books…

For every mom who has had the pleasure of sharing a Sandra Boynton (Click and enjoy as you read) book, you do know how enjoyable and quirky her books can be to read.  In our home, they are the book that comes out frequently….  For the longest time it was “Pajama Time”.  We may have to read it two or three times in a row, not only because it is a quick read but it is fun too.  Continue reading

The case of the missing

I write this article with a high I am savouring.  If you were watching me walk, there would be a spring in my step that could be seen from afar! 

One month ago today, I was able to share with my friends and family one of the most significant moments in my life, similar to my wedding.  I was baptized as a symbol of my commitment to follow Christ.  This was a very special day and it was a coincidence (or was it) that at the service, two good friends, roommates I lived with many years ago were there to witness this special moment.  After the conclusion of the service, many people returned to our home and we enjoyed visiting.  My good friends and I held a discussion Continue reading

Cleaning Your Home

How do you ensure cleanliness and order in your home?  Do you do it all in one day, a little everyday or some other variation? 

My very well organized husband likes to keep his life in order with discipline and predictability.  Okay, he is oldest child and I am the ‘fly by the seat of my pants, youngest child’ so it is with great pride I share that I created a weekly cleaning schedule to follow to ensure I maintained specific and all areas in my home.  My first list was scribbled on a sticky note that I would pull out (of the junk drawer) each day to ensure I didn’t miss my daily commitment before the day was through! 

I do want to share I Heart Organizing blog where she shares MANY fantastic organizing ideas, she is amazingly creative.  My favourite organizing design she has is the “Household Binder” where I now keep my regular cleaning schedule, Continue reading